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Raven is an alluring artist based in Long Island, New York. She brings the sultry, yet soulful combination of alternative, and electronica to her sound. Her ability to reach her listeners through a subtle yet powerful edge is drawn from the passion of youth, and the strength that can only be drawn from adversity. This artist has garnered the title of Number One New Artist at Optimum Records. As well as capture the attention of various Directors for film/tv roles and possible licensing of music for projects in 2017

She has been compared to such transic artist as Portishead, Kidney Thieves, Sarah McLachlan, and Massive Attack . Yet Raven's powerful range sets her in a place all her own. As such, this artist lures a diverse audience.

Raven is also an international artist in various mediums. Her works have appeared in such places as the U.K. Canada and the U.S. As a poet, songwriting is also a field she has flirted with from time to time. So when interest developed in her works as a singer, songwriting became a natural transition. And now, with new interest arising for her works as an actress, this alluring artist remains compelled to captivate and entertain the public.



Raven is once again set to play the enigmatic character Hunter for the action packed sequel entitled, "Hunter: The Reckoning." It is currently in development.


More news about production will be posted as it is made available.


The new song "Fever Dreams" by Raven featuring Memories of a Deadman is set to be made available for download mid-December 2016.


A haunting cover of  "Be Good" by Raven is going to be made available for download soon